Almost done Day 5!

5 01 2013


Day 4 wasn’t too bad – It was nice not to feel like I was hungover anymore!

Last night for dinner, I made some Cilantro Cauli-Rice to go with my leftover turkey and sweet potato pancake:


Have you ever tried Cauli-Rice? I ate rice all the time, it always felt like something was missing if I didn’t have a dinner with rice. Let me tell you this cauli-rice is amazing! I was so impressed last night I made a huge batch and put it on my salad for Day 4! If you are missing rice – you need to try this!

Eats for D4:

Breakfast: Quiche and Bacon + Sauerkraut (yes again, it was just so easy, delicious and filling)!


Lunch: Mixed Green salad with leftover Orange Vinaigrette and some hardboiled eggs – I forgot how much I love hardboiled eggs! (which I actually steamed using the Fitnessista method)


Dinner: First test of going out! We went to a local pub that has amazing burgers, I ordered a regular burger without the bun, added bacon and avocado and had a mixed green salad and some sweet potatoes on the side! So proud of myself, especially since the salad actually had candied almonds in it so as soon as I noticed that I didn’t eat it, and I had my burger and sweet potatoes with mustard instead of the usual dill dip that they come with!

Side note: A good friend from the previous company that I worked out is moving onto another opportunity so he had his “buyout” yesterday. Does any other industry do this? A buyout is when the person leaving the company buys everyone drinks. It’s sort of a weird tradition,but a nice way to say goodbye. Anyways, at yesterdays buyout – I ordered water with a lemon, and another ex-coworker immediately jumped on me and asked if I was pregnant! Even after telling her about the Whole30 program, i’m pretty sure she thinks i’m hiding something from her… lol guess she’ll be surprised in a couple of months!

I’ve noticed (in the absence of doing it) just how much I used to snack! I would literally have just finished lunch or dinner and still reach for a random snack! From not doing it, i’ve become more conscience of thinking about snacking and how much easier it is to realize that i’m full and that I don’t need the snack, which I guess is a good key!

On my way to workout: Zwow #5 is calling my name!

Hope you had a great day!




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