Day(s) 6-13

14 01 2013


Hi! Sorry about being MIA for the last week, i’ve been on my computer so much at work that i’ve had absolutely no desire to go home and be on my comptuer as well. But I’m back!

Anyways, a quick update on Days 6-13. I still haven’t cheated (which is UNHEARD of for me). I think the trick this time that’s really helped me be accountable is telling anyone and everyone what i’m doing. It makes them question food decisions for me if I randomly comment on “craving” something…

I’ve been cooking a lot these last couple of days, which is awesome too. Since I usually just pick something up on the way home if i’m feeling tired or not like cooking (which was all too often!). Since I didn’t eat Paleo-ish before this challenge, I’ve really had to sit down and plan out all my meals plus shopping lists and such. As I’ve said before, i’m roughly following the Squeaky Clean Paleo Plan from Practical Paleo. I like that the website has printable guides as well as shopping lists for all the weeks in the plan. Also – to keep me on track at home i’ve been using this:

ms plannerIt’s a weekly planner from the Martha Stewart Home Office line (I got mine from staples…). It’s awesome – I write down the lunch and dinner menu for the week ahead and I can quickly see what’s for dinner that night, or if i’m not feeling it I can switch stuff around. Organization has been KEY to keeping me on track (so that I have a lunch to take to work in the morning, and i’m not scrambling trying to find something Whole30 friendly last minute).

The nice thing is that there’s been a great variety of food in our house (except for breakfasts – i’m keen to stick to what’s easy to prep, and lots of it).

Great news too! I have energy again! The first few days of the Whole30 challenge were really rough for me. I was super tired, felt like I was so so so hungover. It’s really nice to be out of that stage and wanting to work out again! Last week I did 3 Zwow Workouts (love her), went to crossfit, and went to a Met-Con class at a new gym that i’m thinking of trying out, also am re-starting the Couch to 5K program (finished week 1!), because a goal of mine this year is to run a 10k or  half-marathon, and I need to start somewhere… I’m using the app Get Running which has all the timing built in, so you just have to plug in some headphones and you are good to go (instead of having to set timers and such all the time), it’s pretty handy and you can listen to music at the same time!

For christmas I got these awesome headphones: bluebudsx

Which i’ve been using while running, and so far they are pretty awesome. They are bluetooth ones so there are no cords to get tangled in, they sound pretty amazing, they have these funky ear cushion thingys so they stay put, and there are two ways to wear them so you can set them up to get the cord off your neck and look super hardcore… lol

Eats have been pretty random, and i’ve been bad at taking pics, but I will get back to updating regulary with more pictures!

Hope you guys are doing great on your Whole30! 🙂


Day 6 – The first weekend!

14 01 2013


I’ve done my first Whole30 Weekend! Which isn’t to say much was different I guess? I do feel like I spent my entire weekend in the kitchen – is this normal??? I guess it also feels like that because I basically wasn’t spending any time in the kitchen previously (we were eating out a lot).

I made a ton of food, all of which the hubs ate too, it was a miracle as he usually deems anything “healthy” as gross… sigh…

Anyways – Will be back with more updates soon!

Almost done Day 5!

5 01 2013


Day 4 wasn’t too bad – It was nice not to feel like I was hungover anymore!

Last night for dinner, I made some Cilantro Cauli-Rice to go with my leftover turkey and sweet potato pancake:


Have you ever tried Cauli-Rice? I ate rice all the time, it always felt like something was missing if I didn’t have a dinner with rice. Let me tell you this cauli-rice is amazing! I was so impressed last night I made a huge batch and put it on my salad for Day 4! If you are missing rice – you need to try this!

Eats for D4:

Breakfast: Quiche and Bacon + Sauerkraut (yes again, it was just so easy, delicious and filling)!


Lunch: Mixed Green salad with leftover Orange Vinaigrette and some hardboiled eggs – I forgot how much I love hardboiled eggs! (which I actually steamed using the Fitnessista method)


Dinner: First test of going out! We went to a local pub that has amazing burgers, I ordered a regular burger without the bun, added bacon and avocado and had a mixed green salad and some sweet potatoes on the side! So proud of myself, especially since the salad actually had candied almonds in it so as soon as I noticed that I didn’t eat it, and I had my burger and sweet potatoes with mustard instead of the usual dill dip that they come with!

Side note: A good friend from the previous company that I worked out is moving onto another opportunity so he had his “buyout” yesterday. Does any other industry do this? A buyout is when the person leaving the company buys everyone drinks. It’s sort of a weird tradition,but a nice way to say goodbye. Anyways, at yesterdays buyout – I ordered water with a lemon, and another ex-coworker immediately jumped on me and asked if I was pregnant! Even after telling her about the Whole30 program, i’m pretty sure she thinks i’m hiding something from her… lol guess she’ll be surprised in a couple of months!

I’ve noticed (in the absence of doing it) just how much I used to snack! I would literally have just finished lunch or dinner and still reach for a random snack! From not doing it, i’ve become more conscience of thinking about snacking and how much easier it is to realize that i’m full and that I don’t need the snack, which I guess is a good key!

On my way to workout: Zwow #5 is calling my name!

Hope you had a great day!

I’m doing the Whole30! (Also Happy New Year!)

2 01 2013

And i’m already right on track for the timeline!

Day 2 = feel hungover. So true, this morning I ignored 4 – 4 different alarms. Do you know hard that is for me? Usually I miss the first one and then I feel guilty and work myself out of bed. Not this morning!

Oh well, so far I haven’t been hungry (which is what I was expecting for some reason). But I am having random cravings like nobody’s business. Day 1 wasn’t so bad, but I did realise how much I eat just for the sake of eating (isn’t that sad). I was prepping dinner last night and I looked in the pantry and wanted a snack, but I wasn’t really hungry. ALSO I went out to run some errands last night and since I wasn’t doing anything else, I thought to myself – self: go grab a {insert delicious drink from s-bucks here}. It actually took me yelling (in my head of course) at myself to realise that i’m only on DAY 1!!! If I cave on Day 1 then i’m screwed! Thankfully I completed my errands and went on my merry way; although I did buy more than planned including my new favorite lip balm!


Anyways – So my eating plan for the Whole30 journey is based on the Practical Paleo Squeaky Clean Paleo lan – I’ve changed a few things because of the restrictions with the Whole30 plan (no sweeteners, etc.) But otherwise it’s pretty spot on… My fridge looks amazing and full after my shopping trip on the 31st:


Here’s a rundown of my day 1 eats:

Brekkie – Baked bacon with Sauerkraut @ Swirly Crustless Quiche


Lunch – Mustard Glazed Chicken Thighs with Spinach Salad & Balsamic Dressing


Dinner – Grilled Garlic Flank Steak with Peppers & Onions and Baked Beets with Fennel (Sooooooo good)

{no pic because I forgot – sorry}

Also had a Honeycrisp apple as my afternoon snack.


So now I have a ton of leftovers, which is awesome for day 2, except i’m supposed to cook up a whole other set of food? Does this happen to anyone else? Am I just screwy with my portion sizes? The Practical Paleo book says that it’s approximately 2 servings for the shopping list, but I feel like that’s a gross overestimate – or i’m not eating enough?

Drinking lots of tea and water today – hoping to combat the effects of my no drinking hangover… lol






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